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Auftrag Nummer:19332

Granular Activated Carbon Price: 23 EUR per Kg / Minimum purchase 28 tons We are manufacturer (established 2008) in India, due to our high quality control we can produce and manufacture high quality activated carbon. The delivery can be in Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC) or Powder Activated Carbon (PAC). Different price for large quantity, please ask for quotation! Appearance Black granules & particle size 4/8,8/16,12/30,8/30,16/30,30/80 Application of granular activated carbon: sewage treatment plant, waste water treatment to reduce BOD and COD, catalyst in chemical metallurgical industries & petroleum refineries, swimming pools & soft drink plants for de-chlorination, treatment of drinking water & industrial gas, solvent & gold recovery, dissolved organic matter absorption, water and gas mask filters.
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