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United States
We are looking for 5 team partners to build our network. You should be able to train independently managers. However, you do not act as a boss who gives his employees guidelines, but rather as a coach who agrees and pursues common and individual goals for his partners, and accompanies and supports them on their way. What do you need to bring in? Motivation to achieve your goals. A certain entrepreneurship is an advantage. We offer: ⁃ Individual goal setting ⁃ your own time-management ⁃ Free selection of employees ⁃ Free choice of location / work from home ⁃ Possibility of international business development ⁃ Free access to the know-how of the most successful managers ⁃ Free training system and support at all times ⁃ Health / wellness / fitness / anti-aging growth sector ⁃ No limit on the career ⁃ Independent work and teamwork - No Risks
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